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Acute pancreatitis

Hemorrhagic pancreatitis - This 40-year-old wo...

Hemorrhagic pancreatitis – This 40-year-old woman complained of worsening epigastric pain of five days’ duration. On examination, she had hypotension, a board-like abdomen, and extensive ecchymoses over her right loin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I, Defind:

Acute panceatitis is a sudden inflammation of the panceas.
II, The most COMMON symtoms and signs include:
Epigastric pain radiation to the back
Nausea, vomiting
Loss of appetite
fiver, chills
hemodynamic instability, which include shock
Tachycardia ( heart beat > 100 c/min)
respiratory distress
III, Signs which are less common:
Cullen’s sign
Grey-Tunner sign
Pleural effusion ( fluid in the pleural cavity)
Mayo-Robson sign’s
IV, Other conditions to consider are:
Pancreas pseudocyst
Pancreas dysfunction
Pancreas cancer
Note: Abdominal pain may be the sole symtom !
V, Etiology
Alcohol and gallstones are most common causes.

Acute pancreatitis with Cullen’s sign: This 36...

Acute pancreatitis with Cullen’s sign: This 36-year-old man presented with a four-day history of severe epigastric pain following an alcoholic binge. His serum amylase level was 821 U/L, and an abdominal CT scan showed marked inflammatory changes in his pancreas, omentum, and surrounding mesentery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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